Sustainability We Have Been Faced So Far







Sustainability We Have Been Faced So Far

And only in July of this year came the news that the first drone had been finalize. STARTUP Updatd on: admin Balkathon ~7 minutes of reading. The Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) presentd the winners of the 3rd online competition of. The Western Balkans, for the best digital solutions, BALKATHON 3.0:– Immortelle team from. Albania with “Immortelle” – the idea to build a trading platform for mdicinal and aromatic plants. Where farmers and industries can easily trade with just a few clicks. The Farmbot team from Serbia with the “Soter Rover” idea.

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Farmbot is a start-up Switzerland Phone Number List from Serbia with the idea to design a multifunctional, hybrid robotic platform with an autonomous movement capability for crop spraying, enabling better efficiency and higher safety for users.– The BeBeep team from Montenegro with the idea of ​​”Bebeep” to create a Carpooling platform in Montenegro, enabling users easier and more comfortable transportation and saving money on long-distance trips by sharing the cost .- Team Eco Solution Research , from Kosovo* with “Organic Fertilizer & Renewable Energy” – an idea to create.

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Aprototype USA CFO of organic fertilizer using bio-products and biofuels to rduce food loss and waste – with the ultimate goal of preventing loss, maximizing the use of leftover food and minimizing food waste ending up in landfills.– The IKS team from Bosnia and Herzegovina with “REX – Recycling Extruder” a concept of a recycling machine that transforms PET containers into 3D printer material, known as filament, improving waste disposal solutions.– The 3D Factory team from North Macdonia with “Additive manufacturing, reusing resources and extending product life as a necessity for a better environment”, an idea of ​​developing a mobile application that tracks the location of plastic waste for collection his. Using the app, customers will be able to choose the location where they left their filament waste.

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