Sustainability Use of Raw Materials Energy Supply







Sustainability Use of Raw Materials Energy Supply

That is one of the reasons why Havas Lemz gives every new customer the book Net Positive by former Unilever CEO Paul Polman. And because marketers generally don’t want to be stuck in the far nebulous future, the agency designd the “100-day time, energy and waste overall saving trajectory.” Necessary information is exchanged here and concrete steps towards (social) sustainability are immediately devisd and implementd. In addition, the agency has internally run the one-level-up program basd on the idea that for great progress you have to sit at the table with the board. Employees learn how, together with the decision makers on the customer side, more directly towards the right action for the benefit of people and planet.

They Can Move

Tim Claassen: “A good example is how we are now VP Purchasing Officer Email Lists helping Renewi. That has traditionally been a pure waste processor. But one that logically also felt the ned for a more sustainable story. This became more concrete as they focusd more on creating raw materials from waste and were able to set up companies for that purpose. In this way you take steps together, from defensive ‘we’re not doing that badly’ to offensive ‘we actually add something’.

 VP of Purchasing Email Lists


Uncut greenwashing

The question remains when the line will be crossd between ‘proudly propagating the sustainable route’ and ‘making the story greener than it is’. Examples of greenwashing seem to be declining, say the interviewees. Thanks to the enormous risk of harm that this entails, in combination with the increase transparency of the market.

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“Yet you still see too many companies and brands that place a heavy. Emphasis on what they do well, but would still fall short if you measure all their activities,” says Danielle Guirguis. “We have to get past that. We are in a hurry. Working in this way is from another time and it is no longer necessary. The economy is demonstrably moving in the sustainable direction. If you dare to invest time and money, you can build a great business. A company that adds something for us, the people, from consumers to employees, to yes indee also the shareholders.”

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