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But if you’re serious about making the transition to a marketing role, it’s an excellent way to flesh out your résumé, refine your skillset, and offer you some much-neee clout. 4. Adjust your résumé. As you can assume, employers trying to hire marketers aren’t prioritizing candidates who only tout skills and accomplishments relevant to other areas. So if you don’t have extensive experience in marketing, you’ll likely nee to re-tool your résumé a bit when trying to make the shift to the field. That doesn’t mean throwing every record of your professional accolades, accomplishments, and acumen by the wayside. Instead, see if you can use your experience in your current field to highlight skills that.

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Can be applie in the context of a marketing role. For instance, if you’re in sales, you could play up your strategic and critical thinking skills Costa Rica Phone Number List by discussing how you helpe shape and implement a successful go-to-market sales strategy. You might also demonstrate a knack for high-quality content creation by referencing effective pitch decks or case studies you’ve had a hand in. And you could tout your communication skills by pointing to your experience with responsibilities like prospect outreach or social selling. Again, you don’t have to lie about or disregard your prior experience. Just be mindful of what potential employers will be looking for.

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Make sure your reflects the fact that you have the necessary fundamentals to be an exceptional marketer — not just a solid worker in USA CFO general. 5. Fold more marketers into your professional network. These days, a robust professional network is much more of a nee-to-have than a nice-to-have — and when you’re transitioning into a marketing role, one can be an invaluable asset. When you’re trying to breach a new field without much experience, you nee all the guidance you can get. An active network can provide that. Try reaching out to internal marketing experts at your company to see if you can shadow them a bit.

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