Storing the wheelchair in the car. Learn the methods of an experienced wheelchair user.







Storing the wheelchair in the car. Learn the methods of an experienced wheelchair user.

A wheelchair is an essential item for people who cannot walk. Or even very important for others who have limited mobility. So. Of course. She must go along when a wheelchair user. Whether driver or passenger. Is going to be transported. When the person is a passenger. Or an accompanied driver. The wheelchair user can ask for help to dismantle and store the wheelchair in the trunk. Now. When the wheelchair driver is alone. Then it is better to learn how to store the wheelchair by yourself. In fact. Even when i’m accompanied. In my own car. So as a driver. I prefer to store the wheelchair myself. Even though i can have help. Many people. When they see me wanting to get in or out of the car. Come to offer me help.
Store it.

There are different ways of storing

When i had an x-folding wheelchair. The Belgium Mobile Number List way of storing it was quite different from what i do with my current unibody wheelchair. The trend is for active wheelchair users to choose manual chairs in the monoblock model. As it brings several advantages. In addition to a more beautiful appearance. Motorized chairs are already an even more different way. As their weight and size can be exaggeratedly heavier. Depending on the model. Up to more than 6 times the weight of a manual chair. In this example. Then. I will deal with the monoblock chairs. It is important that when purchasing your wheelchair. Choose it with removable rear wheels. As this makes a huge difference. And practically does not increase the total value of the equipment. This type of wheel has a quick coupling system. Where by pressing a button. You release the wheel lock. And remove it with ease. As long as it is well lubricated . With maintenance up to date.

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This avoids scratches or dents on the frame

The first step is to transfer the wheelchair to the car seat. But the purpose of the article is to show you how to store the USA CFO wheelchair. So in another article. I will show you in more detail how to transfer it. Already seated in the driver’s seat. I recline the backrest. To make more space for people in the wheelchair to pass. I’ve even refused to buy a great car. Because i don’t have an easy seatback recline system. After that. I take my pillow out and put it in the back seat. In a safe place to prevent it from puncturing. Since my pillow is an inflatable model. Then i unhook the wheels from the frame. Which is the main metallic structure. As if it were the chassis of a car. I place them one at a time on top of the passenger seat.


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