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With that said the blogging landscape has change over the years. Lisa Toner, director of content at HubSpot, says it’s not enough to just have a blog nowadays. “You nee to consistently create content that is more valuable than your competition’s content. You nee to be an SEO expert to get your articles ranking on page one of Google, and you nee a distribution strategy to promote your content across all the channels your audience likes to consume content on,” says Toner. “It’s a lot more complex to win at blogging now, but if you can master it, it’s worth the investment.

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Transparency is a bigger responsibility, especially as social justice becomes more important to consumers. “You nee to think about how people see your brand compare to your competition. Everyone has their own unique selling position and Japan Phone Number what they want to put forward, but what users do is compare,” says Sandra Mpouma, head of digital marketing at RationalFX. “So, in terms of business strategy, create loyalty, trust, [and] be transparent and competitive, which is very important nowadays.” Blogs vs. Other Marketing Channels Now that other content marketing channels – namely video and podcasting – have surpasse blogs, will blogs soon become reundant? Well, it all depends on the user personas you’re targeting. But even as other platforms grow, blogs still offer many advantages.

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Podcasting is not without its own set of limitations. There are plenty of discoverability and audience growth challenges. At this point, blogs have a pretty well-duste playbook for scaling. That’s not true for podcasts,” says Matthew Brown, senior USA CFO podcast producer at HubSpot. “A company can use its likely limite resources to invest in a blog that will basically give consistent, easily measurable, and reliable performance. Blogs also have a direct line to the company’s bottom dollar, podcasts do not.” Nelson Chacon, principal marketing manager for YouTube at HubSpot, highlights that there’s no reason to choose between two platforms if your team has the bandwidth to tackle both.

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