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Standards Were Tightened Both In

Ardian Lekaj explains in the following interview what consequences the. World economy is expected to face, at least in the next four years Mr. Lekaj as the Chairman of the Chamber of Business of the. Albanian Diaspora and an entrepreneur in port logistics, how do you see the economic situation at the international level. Are there signs of improvement or are we heading for a new economic crisis. Today I can confirm that from the spring of 2020 we are moving to the winter of 2022.

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Two years ago in Georgia Phone Number List one of my articles (read here) I tried to explain the economic situation. Inflation, throwing excess money into the market, rising prices , wage growth and stagflation . The last term was almost forgotten in economics. Since my commitment is precisely in the port logistics sector, as you mentioned. Contact is with every movement that comes from the sea and passes through the sea. And since I work near the sea, I’m making a comparison with the waves:Today we are in the middle of the ocean and the waves are very strong.

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For those who USA CFO think that the economy is growing, I assure them that today we are in a crisis and the crisis is coming and getting worse. We are getting poorer with each passing day. Today’s crisis is a global crisis and perhaps one of the biggest crises we have known since the 70s. I predict that this crisis has just begun and will probably last until 2026.What is happening today is nothing but the beginning of a “supercycle”. To date, the world knows 4 “supercycles” of basic raw materials for industry. The first supercycle was at the beginning of the last century associated with the industrial revolution of the United States.

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