Stabilizing spoon. The accessory for you to literally have a balanced diet.







Stabilizing spoon. The accessory for you to literally have a balanced diet.

Stabilizing spoon. Food is essential to survive. And everyone knows it. But many people do not know that many people cannot feed themselves. Because of their disability or illness. Which compromises the coordination of their arms and hands. People with quadriplegia lose some hand movements. And therefore cannot stabilize the cutlery to bring the food to their mouth. People with parkinson’s disease are not able to do the same action. But by the repeated tremors in the hands and arms. These deficiencies or diseases are practically irreversible. And it is only possible to improve a little through physical therapy or to slow down the progress in treatment with drugs. Assistive technology helps. Through equipment. To perform various tasks. And in this case there is a stabilizing spoon called eli spoon .

Which keeps the food balanced

In different positions of the Iceland Phone Number List spoon. It was created with a fully mechanical system. Easier to maintain. As there are similar spoons on the market. But they work through electronic systems and require batteries. Not that these can’t be good. But i always say that electrical and electronic devices can be more expensive to buy and maintain. In addition to needing greater care. As they end up being more fragile. So. For example. I always say that it is better to have a fixed ramp than a lifting platform. For the reasons i mentioned. The accessory was created with a spoon. As it serves to pick up any type of food. People with motor difficulties in the hands.

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Holding a glass of drink is also difficult

Should be served with the food cut. So the task is just to put them in the mouth. A fork is good for solid foods. But USA CFO not for liquid or creamy foods like soup. So a spoon is the best option. It is also necessary to choose easy foods. Because spaghetti noodles. Which we roll on the fork. Would be difficult on this cutlery. So choosing another type of pasta. And there are sauces that help to group the pieces. So it is even easier. In my view. I consider that eating alone goes beyond autonomy. Which is already very good. As it is important for a person’s self-esteem to live as independently as possible. But doing this task is a great exercise. Which will likely bring the person more strength and coordination. And which will be practiced several times a day. Every day. As we usually eat breakfast. Lunch and dinner. Apart from other breaks. And speaking of accessories to help people with motor difficulties in their arms and hands.

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