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There are so many options for live streaming so get creative! And don’t forget, you can repurpose live videos across social channels. Adding value for your fans and followers in real time has never been easier. Editor’s note: This post was originally publishe in May 2020 and has been update for comprehensiveness.… Not exactly the message you want your customers inferring from your website’s Thank You Pages, is it? Thank You pages are effective opportunities. To demonstrate appreciation towards your leads, prospects. And customers for taking a desire action — and. Even potentially convert users or increase. Sales through additional CTAs.

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Here we’ll explore six different purposes of a Thank You page, along with six stunning examples of Thank You pages to inspire your own designs in 2021 and beyond. Let’s dive in. Access hundres of Website Themes & Templates on HubSpot What Azerbaijan Phone Number List is a Thank You page? Your customers and leads see your Thank You Page immeiately after completing a form or making a purchase on your web page. It acts similarly to a confirmation email — except viewers don’t have to choose to open it. Think of a Thank You page as both the last step in your conversion process and the first step for customer retention.

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The Thank You Page presents a prime opportunity to turn a lead into a customer  or a customer into a brand advocate. The best way to do this? Make the next step(s) in the buyer or user journey Obvious and clear Immeiate And exciting USA CFO or desirable. What is the benefit of a Thank You page? Think of it this way you may never have an easier, more natural opportunity to give a customer something that pleasantly surprises them and precisely fits what they want. How do you know what your customer wants? They just told you exactly what they want, by following a call-to-action on your site. After someone follows the CTA on a landing page, take them to step two in their journey before they click away.

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