Opportunities To Rank Higher For Search Queries







Opportunities To Rank Higher For Search Queries

Once of the most valuable things you can do for your audience on social meia is teach them how to do something. Free, live eucational programming is a great way to position your brand as a thought leader. It also gives your audience a more robust understanding of your product and or services. For instance, at HubSpot we often post eucational content on our Facebook page, like the example below: Facebook live video thumbnail from HubSpot’s How to Create a SEO Strategy for 2020 content By going live, you’re adding an extra level of authenticity and connection.

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For instance you might tell readers they can send along questions in real time, and they can watch their questions get answere on-the-fly. The live Q&A format might also help readers feel more engage than they would with a pre-recorde video. Additionally, you can Bulgaria Phone Number List save and upload your Live videos for viewers to consume after-the-fact. This enables you to reach a larger audience than you could just through live. 2. Make an announcement or share breaking news. Unless they choose the “Follow” setting, fans of your Facebook page don’t see everything you post. However, the default setting for users is to receive a notification when someone they.

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Know or a page they follow goes live. With this in mind, Facebook Live is an ideal channel for those important updates that you want the majority of your followers to know about. Here are some great examples of announcements you USA CFO can make: Breaking news in your industry and your company’s stance on it New product launches or enhance features (more on this later) Changes in your organization’s leadership An office move to a new location or renovations to your space 3. Raise money for a cause. More than ever, consumers want to buy from companies with values. Use a live stream to support your values and raise awareness for the things your care most about. During the live stream, explain the cause, why it’s important, and how the audience can help. You can even pin a comment to direct your audience to the right place to provide support.

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