Said Minister Ibrahimaj Albanian Assembly







Said Minister Ibrahimaj Albanian Assembly

So that, not only the crisis of lack of orders was not felt, but also for the company. To breathe in comfort Companies saw the possibility. Of vertical growth, not only of income, but also of profitability. SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEURS Updated on admin Silvana Kulla ~18 minutes of reading. Many of us go to work by personal car, bus, bicycle, or even on foot. Silvana goes to work by plane. Yes, you read that right! We even say it comes, since her office is in Tirana, while she lives with her family in Italy.

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Mother of two children Netherlands Phone Number List she travels almost every two weeks to follow the progress of her company in Albania, to meet with staff, clients and business partners.Silvana is a girl from Tirana, who completed her studies at the “Partizani” high school in the most difficult time of transition, precisely in the years 1990-1994, when only time for study could not be called. It was a time between student uprisings and attempts to overthrow the government of the time. She remembers high school as the most difficult time for studying, but also a crucial time for her life.

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Silvana is a free USA CFO spirit and at that time she knew the true meaning of being ‘free and dreamers’. Passionate and in love with life, she did not allow anyone to decide her thoughts and visions. For this reason, she was the first in the organization of student uprisings in Tirana high schools, but Albania at that time could not give her anything of what she dreamed of for her life. Fully aware that she would not be able to do anything if she stayed in Tirana, the girl with the unstoppable spirit, emigrated to Australia, where she continued her language studies and higher studies.

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