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Remains in Its Infancy Many Companies Are in the

Spoiler showed how you can use customer data to get more growth from your email marketing. For this it is desirable to link your email marketing software. This offers you many advantages, such as time savings, more sales opportunities, more return and, above all, even more customer data.

Are you getting the most out of your email marketing software? I bet not. Below are a few examples that can be realized if you link your email marketing software with, for example, your CDP or CRM system.

Bounce trigger

As a marketer, you send out a newsletter and a number of email addresses bounce back. Set a trigger so that your sales colleagues are notified. This is another good contact President Email Address moment: does that person no longer work for the organization? Who should they be with? Would you like to plan an introduction? Hupakee!

President Email Lists

  • Facebook Lead Gen Ad

You have a newsletter sign-up on our website, but of course you can also do this on social media. For example, create a Facebook Lead Gen form with the CTA: ‘Sign up for our newsletter’. If you have a CDP, that data automatically enters your database and triggers a workflow. For example, the first email could be a welcome email with a discount code and more information about your business.

  • Dynamic newsletters

We send the same newsletter to all our customers. Boring. So 2022. You can completely personalize the newsletter and only show a customer content that is hyper-relevant. Think of articles about a certain topic or an invitation to certain events.

Working asynchronously

You are working on a blog. When this is finished, you mail the piece to a colleague, who will not have time to look at it until next week. In the meantime, little happens. That’s not how they work at Online Slimmerik. There they work asynchronously. What I mainly took from the session is: do not make knowledge dependent on place. For example, they no longer e-mail and put everything in Basecamp and work in Google Docs, so that everyone can always access the information. In addition, they do not meet, they do talk to each other, but that is more for the social aspect.

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Think it is difficult for many organizations to make it this far, but start with a first step. How can you work more efficiently and keep up the pace? Then you can adjust much faster and working asynchronously offers more room to apply growth marketing.

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