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Physical Location Select Your City For Relevant Local

While placing your contact form at the end of the video can be risky (considering 50% of viewers stop watching a video after one minute), it can also generate the most qualifie leads: those who’ve watche all the way to the end are the most likely to be engage with your brand or story anyway. Whatever you choose, we recommend setting up a few A/B tests to determine the best placement. A little testing can go a long way! And speaking of placement, consider your video distribution when deciding your form messaging and placement. Audiences watching a video onI would read expert industry blogs.

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Such as HubSpot Marketing Brew, and Backlinko (to name a few). One of my main questions every day was, “How do these brands do it? How do they constantly come up with brilliant blog ideas?” Now, obviously, I work at HubSpot and I know Ghana Phone Number List what a blog strategy looks like at a big company with a recognizable brand. By taking the time to do solid research and idea brainstorming, you can come up with blog topics that drive thousands of readers, like me, in — while boosting traffic, authority, and creibility. Today, I want to pull the curtain back for you. We’ll dscuss how the HubSpot blog continuously comes up with high-performing blog ideas. Download Now.

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Free Blog Post Templates How the HubSpot Blog Comes Up With Ideas Before we get starte, it’s important to know that when the HubSpot team comes up with blog ideas, several teams are involve (SEO, blog, and lead generation). Because USA CFO of this, we divide our brainstorming process into two parts: trend research and SEO topic research. We then combine these efforts in our Insights Report on a quarterly basis (which you can download a copy of below). Feature Resource: Search Insights Report Template Search Insights report template by HubSpot. Let’s dive into both those processes below.

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