Reasons To Invest In Customer Experience In







Reasons To Invest In Customer Experience In

Era of the connected customer and digitalisation, being a valued brand requires focusing on the experience associated with products (or services) and no longer simply on their functionalities or their technicality. We are now in an experience-based economy. In fact, the most popular brands are those that create emotions associated with positive experiences. In this article, we identify the good reasons why it seems inevitable to us to invest in the customer experience. Reason The end of ”one size fits all” (the same offer76% of us expect companies to understand our expectations and needs, and to adapt their responses accordingly.

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Source Salesforce A differentiating element, which contributes for a sign or a brand to develop an advantage over its competitors, lies precisely in the ability to distinguish customers according to their needs, motivations and obstacles – and to organize its offer, its processes and its Canada Phone Number communication. around them – so as to offer a personalized and contextualized experience , in line with their expectations. The personalized offer is one of the 5 major commercial strengths of succes Loyalty comes at a price, and it’s high! In the digital age, we have become more difficult to convince, much more demanding and less lenient with companies that do not offer the minimum standards of customer relations.

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Of us are ready to leave our usual brand after just one bad experience source Pricewaterhouse Coopers And we are 92% to definitively turn our back on a company after USA CFO or three negative interactions. (source PricewaterhouseCoopers) What is a bad experience for your customers? Answers in this article New call-to-action ReasoExperience has trumped rhetoric. Digital channels are increasingly taking over from marketing, which means that we get a general idea of ​​the brand first through online interactions  website, but also reviews and articles. A company that does not have an online presence is therefore potentially disqualified Reason I’m not a number you neither.

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