Real People With Their Own Interests







Real People With Their Own Interests

An important part of the marketing strategy is that Arjan and David are the inspirators and the personification of the brand. Wherever you see 365 degrees, it is mainly Arjan and David who are the banners of the mission. Sometimes subtly with quotes incorporated in communication expressions, but often they are really the people who, for example, are the discussion leaders at various events. This is important: the DNA of the organization is Arjan and David. And their target groups experience that there is hardly any distance between them and the founders. What binds us together is that we are all people who are looking for happiness in our lives. Arjan and David convey this time and again. We are not that different and we are not better or less: we are mainly human and we want to bring more happiness to the Netherlands together with you.


And Qualities Reach Real People

Arjan and David specialize in their own areas of interest and are therefore the promoters of a specific offer of 365 Days Successful. They form together with DNA, but they are Argentina Phone Numbers both unique pillars of the organization’s portfolio. They also convey that it is good to choose what you like: they are very honest in the fact that they do not always share each other’s specific interests, but they do enjoy the role that the parts play in achieving their mission. . That is a strength: working with each other’s qualities and interests and using and deploying them.

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What You Can Learn From Arjan And David

  1. Operate from an inspired mission. If you do what you really believe in as a person, you will experience a driving energy and motivation to continue to develop yourself and your company. You experience motivation because you do what you believe in, which has meaning for you. You contribute to the world by doing what you believe in.
  2. Keep your mission as the basis for everything you do. With every product, with every service: return to your original mission. Is this in line with what you want to do as an organization in this world? What do you want to mean?
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