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Break Down Your Content Ideas Re Having

If you just got your Clubhouse invitation — or want to be ready to use the app when you do — read this guide to learn how to set up your account, follow others, and attend or host your first audio chats (also known as “rooms”). Download Now: Social Meia Trends in 2022 [Free Report] Nee a quick version of the tips below? Check out this HubSpot video. Then, keep reading for detaile tips on leading and joining Clubhouse conversations below. How to Use Clubhouse Track down and accept an invite. Pick topics of interest and follow users. Set up your profile. Scroll through the homepage. Use the Explore page to find more users, clubs, and rooms.

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Join clubs Start a club Enter a room. Request to speak. Add friends to a room. Leave a room. See upcoming rooms. Invite friends. 1. Track down and accept an invite. At this point, Clubhouse is still invite-only and only available for  iPhone Oman Phone Number List users. Luckily, because of its growing audience, you might have a friend or colleague who’s already on it and willing to give you one of their invitations. If you aren’t sure if you know anyone on Clubhouse, you can still register for an account on the app. Once you set up a basic profile, give your contact information, and select a few topics you’re intereste in.

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As note in Step  you’ll see a screen that says you’ve joine the waitlist. From there, contacts who are on Clubhouse will be notifie that you’ve joine the waitlist and they can give you an invite to move you up to full user status. Here’s a text I receive from USA CFO Clubhouse when my HubSpot colleague, Amanda, bumpe me up to the top of the waitlist. invitation from friend to Clubhouse app If and when you receive an invite from someone, be sure to register with the phone number they texte your invitation to — otherwise, the app might not register that you’re the same contact. When you register, you’ll be prompte to add an email address.

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