Ramps with obstacles Pay attention not to spoil your accessibility.







Ramps with obstacles Pay attention not to spoil your accessibility.

Ramps with obstacles. Ramps are the best access options when you need to go from one plane to another at different heights. In addition to the lesser value for installation. It is also always available for use, Unlike elevators and platforms. They are also a great option when thinking about security and emergency measures . Where the establishment needs to be evacuated, But only an inclined plane to make the connection between the two floors. It is not possible to consider an ideal accessibility proposal. There are guidelines for the slope, Auxiliary equipment such as handrails and tactile floors. A rest area, Among other items. But the purpose of this article is to talk specifically about obstacles that hinder the passage through the ramp.

A clear example of this situation can be

During a technical visit to Ecuador Phone Number List the leonardo da vinci exhibition at the mis experience (museum of image and sound). A great exhibition. Where due to the large visiting public. It was necessary to organize the ticket purchase queues and also the entrance to the exhibition. Just in this access to the entrance. There is a ramp. With a very gentle slope, Totems with ribbons were placed to mark the position of the lineup, And a ticket checkpoint. With two employees under an umbrella. The first flaw is that the path of the tactile floor was rendered useless. As these mentioned equipment completely misconfigured the tactile route. Which is fixed to the floor, In addition to the parasol that was practically on top of the tactile floor.

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It was possible to create the queue respecting

The second flaw is that the ticket checkpoint. Which was where the umbrella was placed. Was in the middle of the slope of the USA CFO ramp. This creates greater interference for people with disabilities. Especially wheelchair users. As you have to stop the wheelchair and lock it so it doesn’t go down the slope. Give the ticket and then unlock it and follow the path. It is not a serious situation, But if it is possible to avoid it. Then we will follow good practices. This checkpoint should be before the start of the ramp. So you don’t have to brake the wheelchair, And then get momentum to go up the ramp without interference, Stopping in the middle of the slope is not pleasant, As it can cause an imbalance.

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