Ramp and manhole cover. An unfortunate combination for affordability.







Ramp and manhole cover. An unfortunate combination for affordability.

Ramp and manhole cover. The photo shows one of the busiest intersections in the city e of the sidewalk . Where the curb is lowered. There is a large. Round cover from sabesp. The basic sanitation company of the state of . The problem is that the asphalt around the edge of this manhole cover is corroded . And has practically formed a moat around it. Due to the size and proximity of the ramp . This set became an obstacle and practically rendered the existing accessibility unusable. Only people with skill can avoid this danger. It appears that this area. Around the lid. Is the most prone to decay. The cover needs to be very well fitted so as not to form a gap or even a step. I ) have also seen the company’s services. Where i had to open the lid and place a fence. And of course.

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With that. They blocked the Ghana Phone Number List passage through the ramp as well. Currently. The irregularities of the asphalt around the cover have already been fixed. But if you look closely. The cover has reliefs with the company logo. Inscriptions and decorative designs. And this right in front of the ramp. Hinders the circulation of a wheelchair. Wheels. Or even tripping walkers. This cap must have been in place for a long time. And moving it around is not an easy thing to do. However. The crosswalk at this intersection is quite wide. So the lowering of the curb could have been done elsewhere. So that it would not conflict with the cover. Eventually. This ramp is not that old either. Because not so long ago.

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In this part of the avenue there was no pedestrian crossing. It was made approximately 50 meters USA CFO after the corner. I always question why in places with high pedestrian traffic. Access ramps to the sidewalk are still made with such a small width. It could even be the size of the crosswalk. Which by the way. In this place is quite wide. A ramp so narrow. Which practically allows one person to pass through at a time. When there are several people who need it. Including wheelchairs. Baby carriages. Bicycles. Elderly people. People with suitcases on wheels. Among others. Ends up creating a traffic jam. In the flow. With a wider ramp. The cover would no longer get in the way.

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