Meeting And More Context To Prep Secondly







Meeting And More Context To Prep Secondly

Take a stand for something you believe in, even if it’s controversial. If you feel confident about your brand, your PR team. And your position on an issue. You can take a controversial stance. On a popular topic. Controversial marketing is. A risky play because, in many cases. Your brand could be seen as capitalizing on an. Issue just to pedle your products. However, when done well, your brand could be seen as socially responsible. Controversial marketing can also. Do a few other things for your marketing: Position you as. A thought leader (only if your thought was a good one so try to make sure it is.

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Help you define your brand in the eyes of consumers and what it stands for Drive natural publicity Elicit strong emotions from audiences, both positive and negative That last one is what I want you to pay the most attention to. When you take a Peru Phone Number List staunch position on a polarizing issue, you will have people who like you less for it. You will also generate some seriously ardent supporters. If you’re going to play the controversy game, be prepare to deal with both, because while some results could be really exciting for your brand, some backlash will inevitably come with it.

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Use data to build a case study around why something stinks. Let’s start off with an example: [New Research] It’s Official — Lots of Salespeople Hate Their CRM. It gets props off the bat for its grabby negative headline, but it’s also full of interesting USA CFO statistics like this one: 50% of sales leaders say that their CRM is difficult to use, and 18% say this has cause them to lose opportunities or revenue. You build a case around why one thing stinks (traditional CRMs) so you can show why something else is awesome (the new HubSpot Sales Hub Enterprise). This can be made even more compelling if you have two data points that demonstrate a stark contrast; the juxtaposition of positive and negative paints a pretty.

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