A Positive Experience







A Positive Experience

Reason A positive experience is with results. Companies on the customer experience see the indicators below progress year over year almost twice as much as those of other companies (source: Forrester): Loyalty rate Repurchase Rate Customer Lifetime Value This constitutes, in the current times, a formidable lever in the service of growth.Remember, a few years ago: you were so proud to finally launch this website which would allow you to have more customers and offer you digital visibility Yes, but with hindsight, you that what you had put in place was not up to what you and what your business deserves! Hasn’t the time come.

Is Rewardd With Results

Start redesigning your website We give you 8 good reasons to take the plunge without further ado!Do not laugh, because yes, it happens that some companies completely forget the very existence of their website because it is not considered in the company’s marketing strategy India Phone Number or even in the overall growth strategy. At the time of global digitization, this is obviously a mistake! Why There are nearly 53.5M monthly Internet users in 2021 in France ( 80% of whom buy online). Thus, decorrelating your website from your marketing objectives means cutting yourself off from a major part of your consumers and prospects. Don’t forget that 9/10 of your customers practice ROBO (” Research Online, Buy Offline research the product online and buy it in store!) and that, according to Akeneo, 73% obtain information from several places to find product information.

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Positive Emotions Generate

Today, it is undeniable that you need a real online strategy to meet these new buyer behaviors. You find your website ugly Well, here’s a good reason: your website hasn’t moved a pixel since 2003 … You still have to remember what it looks like! And while aesthetics shouldn’t take precedence USA CFO over good UX , it’s common that most older websites don’t have either! More seriously, and to sum up this point, simply remember that your website must be effective , and this will be the case if you take care to put yourself in the place of your persona in the establishment of the user journey, both in terms of design than user experience.Has your visual identity changed Here is a good reason to update your website and the associated graphic aspect.

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