Platforms in a Row and Setting Them Up Without First Having







Platforms in a Row and Setting Them Up Without First Having

Also the who : what kind of archetypes of guests do you expect? And what are the wishes and points of attention? Do you already have digital native visitors who are used to doing a lot online? Or a group of seniors who need more support in the run-up to and during the event? I see that at virtual events there are sometimes different target groups than at physical events. Every target group has its own wishes and points of attention. That is why it is extra important to take a close look at this.

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And then think of the how : the structure and content of the program. Many organizations made and still make the mistake of copying an event that was originally supposed to take place physically, one-on-one to virtual. It’s one of the common mistakes I wrote about earlier . Virtually there are a number of other frameworks that you have to take into account, including the optimal duration of, for example, keynotes and sessions.

With all this input, you can take the first step in the search for the perfect platform that fits your goals.

The most used event platform features

If you are looking for a suitable event platform, I always first look at the most commonly used functions at many events:

  • Branding : is it possible to color the platform according to your own wishes, in line with your own house style? Think logo and colors.
  • Registration : is it possible to have the entire registration process take place within the platform?
  • Communication : is it possible to send mailings to guests?
  • Welcome lobby & sponsor desks : is it possible to set up virtual spaces with content to welcome visitors and highlight sponsors?
  • Breakouts : is it possible to also organize workshops / breakout sessions, in addition to the main program?
  • Interaction : how can the public be involved in the event? Are there options like live chat, live polling etc?
  • Networking : is there a possibility to network the audience with each other? Or is it possible to integrate a platform like for this?
  • Analytics : what kind of statistics can you obtain around the event about the visitors and sessions?
  • Integration : does it work with other platforms that you want to use for the event? From payments with iDeal and creative sessions in Miro to networking in
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Before you choose a platform, it is good to keep in mind how you are going to serve it and for whom you are doing this. The platforms sometimes have dozens of functionalities that can Chairman Email Lists beautifully enrich the event, but do you really have time to prepare all of this? Is there someone from your team during the event (or if you do this yourself: do you have time for this yourself) to facilitate all of this?

Chairman Email Lists

Are these functionalities really necessary to make the event a success and to achieve your goals? Is the audience really ready for this, or can participants get overstimulated by the overkill of options you offer them? And how does the platform work for you as an organiser? Is it plug & play ? Or do you also need external support to fill technically complex functions in an orderly manner?

Microsoft Teams & Zoom

Since the program and the additional wishes were often not that crazy, I quickly ended up with Microsoft Teams and Zoom for many customers . Both platforms, which we mainly know from video conferencing, offer great possibilities for organizing complete events. In addition to the regular video calling functionalities, you can also work extensively with break-out sessions and tools such as Miro and Mentimeter, with which you can, for example, hold polls or set up a creative sub-session.

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