Pitfalls of an accessible parking lot. Right items placed wrong.







Pitfalls of an accessible parking lot. Right items placed wrong.

Pitfalls of an accessible parking lot. Accessibility is a puzzle of items. Which must be put together correctly to have a satisfactory result. But there is a great diversity of situations where accessibility is necessary to be applied. But the norms pass accessibility in a general way. Confusing for those who do not have a good experience in the subject. Accessibility projects. Those that come from a drawing shown on a plan. Prepared following the correct measures of norms. Can be treacherous and hide some pitfalls. Very difficult to perceive in theory. But which are usually easily unraveled in practice. That’s why i developed the functional accessibility concept. Which is based on practice. Where the source is the users. And i would say the various users.

As they may have different difficulties and preferences

I’m not saying that accessibility standards are worthless. But i do say that in many situations they are flawed and confusing. And that Argentina Phone Number List functional accessibility has a much better result. As the situation has already been tested before. And even if it is an unprecedented situation. I make it a point to meet in person before giving an opinion. The case that i will present here is a parking space on a commercial street in the city of são paulo called rua joão cachoeira . In the itaim bibi neighborhood. It is a commercial street. With a lot of shops and very busy. There are parking spaces reserved for people with disabilities.

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Invading the free lane of access to the ramp

Now operated through an app. At first glance. Everything seems to be adequate. As the place has all the necessary items. Such as USA CFO vertical signage. Which is an informational sign for the parking lot. Horizontal signage. Which is information paint on the floor. With the limits of the space and more international symbol of accessibility . It also has a lowering of the guide. With horizontal signs. Indicating that it is forbidden to park in the lane in front of the ramp. The items are ok. But they are install in a way that creates a conflict. The pole where the vertical signaling board is install is practically in the middle of the parking space. See in the video below.

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