Permanent tactile map. Information and guidance at any time for blind people.







Permanent tactile map. Information and guidance at any time for blind people.

Permanent tactile map. The tactile map is an assistive technology resource used to give information about a given space through touch. For people with visual impairments . It is made with resistant material. Since the passing of the hands cannot damage the structure. There are models that. In addition to braille. Also have contrasting letters in relief. Which also helps people with low vision. They can be made in 2d format. Which is produced based on two dimensions. Width and length. Or in 3d format. Which in turn. In addition to width and length. Adds a third dimension. Depth. It is from there that the content brings the sensation of reality. The use of this resource is still small. But i consider it to be of great importance. When we talk about guidance for the blind. We immediately think of the tactile floor .

As if it were the only guidance resource

The tactile floor shows direction. And India Phone Number List obstacle alerts. But does not provide important location information. For example. I’ve seen in commercial buildings. Tactile floors that led to various places. Such as an elevator. Bathroom and reception. But with only one direction. But without information. The blind person may be wanting to go to the elevator. But the tactile floor is leading to the bathroom. The confusion gets even bigger when the tactile floor paths fork. And you don’t know where each path goes. That’s why the importance of a tactile map. To offer information and orientation of the general structure of the place. I’m not saying that the tactile floor should be replaced by the tactile map. As each one has its importance.

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The tactile floor serves to show the right way

And the tactile map USA CFO gives you information about the general dimension of the place. As well as more specific information about the parts that make up the place. So one complements the other. The tactile map can be used extensively. As in the video below. Where i show a permanent tactile map located at the latin america memorial . But there is also another tactile map in the building of the state secretariat for the rights of persons with disabilities. Which is one of the buildings on the site. They are presented in plans or floors. So for each floor of the building. A specific tactile map. And located at the reception or entrance. So that the blind person can have a better idea of where he is entering. Or which way the place is. That she wants to go.

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