Patching the tire hole. Learn to solve this hole yourself.







Patching the tire hole. Learn to solve this hole yourself.

Patching the tire hole. First. Clarifying. Popularly we are used to saying that the tire punctured. And it can even puncture. But that is not the problem. The tire is that external rubber part. Which has an inflatable air chamber inside. Also made of rubber. And it is the one that if punctured. Will deflate. Making it difficult for the wheelchair. Bicycle or car to walk. With it empty or withered. If it continues to walk. It can damage the wheel. Which is the central part with an iron structure. But as we are used to talking about a flat tire. So i will continue to use this expression. I’ve punctured my wheelchair tire a few times. Not many. But more than once. And whenever that happened i took it to a bike shop to have the puncture patched. As they were used to doing that and patching it up. Of a bicycle tire was the same as that of a wheelchair. However.

None of them were doing this service anymore

They talked about just changing Germany Mobile Number List the chamber. But not doing the patch. Buying a new tube is much more expensive than patching a puncture. Mainly because i use a sports wheel model. So the tire and tube are also different. And hence no bike shop or sporting goods store has this type of material. In my case. I have to buy it from specialized wheelchair stores. But i refused to buy a new camera. Because as i said. It has a high cost. And the problem was not that complex. As no one else did the patching. So i went looking to learn how i could patch it myself. I found vulcaflex . Which has repair kits for bicycle tire tubes. Small and light. The set has pieces or repair strip. Tube of vulcanizing cement and sandpaper. Basically. What you need to do is sand the hole area and then clean it.

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Press to reinforce the contact and remove air bubbles. In the video below i show the process in more detail. On USA CFO another occasion. My tire blew out while i was at a sporting goods store. Luckily. There they repaired bicycles and helped me. Changing the camera to a different one. Just so i could go home. Fortunately i had their goodwill. If you want to know more about this episode see the article flat tire first aid . You also need to maintain your tire. Always checking to see if it is inflated. Because if it is too empty. To the point where the wheel starts to stick to the tube. It can cut or tear. I also have tire inflation tips in the article inflating your wheelchair tire . Always keep an eye on where you are.

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