Passage blocked. Cones and chains detract from the accessibility of pedestrians with disabilities.







Passage blocked. Cones and chains detract from the accessibility of pedestrians with disabilities.

Passage blocked. Pedestrians are a priority. More than any type of vehicle. Because even drivers are also pedestrians at some point. But not every pedestrian uses a vehicle. If the pedestrian is the priority. Then we must always pay attention to the crossing of pedestrians and sidewalks. But unfortunately the reality is not quite like that. In many places. There are no sidewalks. But there is a driveway. Some sidewalks are so narrow. And if there are poles. It’s impossible for a wheelchair to get through . Not to mention the uneven floors. Uneven floors and holes. Which make walking very difficult. In some places there are passage blocks. But a temporary and intentional block. This happens a lot when there are works on the sidewalk.

There is a small stretch of sidewalk

What is certain is that an alternative Spain Phone Number List path is created. And some places do this. Putting a path surrounded by the street. But most of the time. They forget to put a ramp to go down from the sidewalk and then come back. Another situation i found at instituto tomie ohtake . A cultural center in são paulo. It was even part of my course completion work. Whose theme was “accessibility for wheelchair users in cultural centers in the west of são paulo”. And i remember having a good assessment of the accessibility of the place at the time. But this time. Perhaps due to the particular date and time or due to modifications to the structure. I couldn’t walk along the sidewalk because of a chain block. There is an entrance for cars. For boarding and alighting pedestrians. It is used when there are concerts and performances in your theater.

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Between the entrance and exit of cars

Otherwise the car’s passage is blocked by chains. The problem is that these currents also block the passage of pedestrians . The USA CFO way this entrance is structured. For the pedestrian who walks. Is not an impediment. But for the pedestrian who gets around in a wheelchair. It becomes impossible due to the lack of planning of passages and access ramps. If you look at the cover photo of this article. You will get a better understanding. If you notice. This entrance was thought only to benefit the site. And did not consider the pedestrians. There. There is only one ramp. Which was made for people boarding and disembarking cars. In the passage. Where the sidewalk would be. There are no ramps.

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