Parking limiters. Limiting the car cannot limit the pedestrian.







Parking limiters. Limiting the car cannot limit the pedestrian.

Parking limiters. Accessibility in car parks is compos of several items. And some of them do not appear so clearly in laws and regulations. Generally. The instructions talk more about space and signage. But depending on the location. Some other items may arise. Of course. The norm talks about access route and free movement. But sometimes when the person is interest in knowing specifically about the parking space. These other guidelines end up being lost. I find many accessibility problems in my daily life. In the places i go. And through the experiences i go through. So i live accessibility in practice. What i came to call functional accessibility.

In front of a store entrance

I came across a situation Hungary Phone Number List where i notic an accessibility failure in the parking space in front of a laundry room. This description of the situation could occur in several other places. So the objective is to understand the problem of the situation and the correct way of how it should be done. It is a street commercial establishment . Where the front part and the full width were destin for customer parking. Where 3 cars fit. In a fair space. The store. When the folding iron door is suspend. Has a wide protection and glass door. To limit the progress of the cars. Iron bars were plac at the end of each space. So that the car cannot move forward. Otherwise it could break the glass part. See in the photo below. A panoramic view of the establishment.

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To have an idea of the disposition of the mentioned items

Parking limiters. Ricardo shimosakai is sitting in his wheelchair.. Pointing to yellow parking pipes. The USA CFO problem is that these parking limiters were placed very close to each other. Leaving a very small space for passage. Where no wheelchair could pass. And even creating difficulties for people who use crutches . Canes and other people with mobility. Reduced. People who walk and do not have any mobility difficulties. Can easily overcome this obstacle by going over it. And it was only this audience that was taken into account. Another problem is that in the available space. The 3 parking spaces. If occupied. Will also prevent the passage of a wheelchair user and even someone with a baby stroller.

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