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Package Where Is The Fiscal Package

It appears that Albanian wines are “paralyzed” by the pandemic. Wines are on a trend with tourism. Brunila Liçaj, professor and expert in the field of tourism, is optimistic about the future of this field. In the category of brands, we have brought the milk and dairy products factory “Lufra”, while a brand that is recovering from Kosovo is the producer of artisanal shoes “Perolli”. Both of these brands are models of inspiration for working people! An important part of the magazine is dedicated to the competition and winners of.

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Businessmag at the end Singapore Phone Number List of last year, for Startup and Entrepreneur of the Year 2020. Altin Prenga and Altin Kadareja talk about their innovative choices, adaptation and ensured success in 2020. During the past year, several competitive events were held, such as Elevator Lab, a competition in support of technological solutions. IDEA is also in fostering new business ideas. For both of these, we have also brought the short profiles of the winners. This time’s special is dedicated to online trade, which developed significantly, both due to the pandemic’s instigation, and due to the fact that it was at embryonic levels before this situation.

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Such a situation USA CFO also increased the potential of cooperation between Fintech and the insurance sector. This is what representatives of the two sectors are talking about. Between the interviews, we bring back the manager of the Happy Prince kindergarten, who, through the Prince’s Shop, is teaching children the importance of a business model, which starts from childhood. Rigerta Loku is a farmer who studied at “La Sapeinca” University and is currently running for parliament. Through the interview, she shows her point of view, the choices and how she thinks about the future of her family and her country. As many times before, Elon Musk continues to inspire.

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