Overly affordable table. Know some limits to apply accessibility.







Overly affordable table. Know some limits to apply accessibility.

Overly affordable table. There are people of different types. With different heights and dimensions. So accessibility does not fit a standard type of person. But one that can meet a diversity of people. This is exactly what the concept of universal design proposes . The table is a piece of furniture that often has accessibility problems. Which usually happen due to approximation problems. Such as the width between the feet. The width of the base. When the table has a single support point in the middle of the table. And also because of the table height. Without being able to get very close to the table. With your torso practically leaning against the table. It is difficult to eat. Especially if you need to get your mouth close to the plate to have soup. Or so that the hamburger sauce doesn’t fall into your lap .

There are variables on the user side

Caused by the size of the person Oman Phone Number List and the size of the wheelchair. Very tall people end up with knee height above most people. And find it difficult to stand at table height. Wide wheelchairs. The difficulty is getting into the space between the table legs. There may still be some details that get in the way. Such as the support arms and the joystick. Control of the motorized chair. I once went to starbucks . A well-known coffee shop chain. For a white chocolate frapuccino. After i got my drink. I walked over to a table that had an accessibility symbol. And it was different because it was quite tall. I think they wanted to make a table that didn’t offer any approach problems for any type of person. As it had a wide width and a very high height. Enough for the approach of any type of wheelchair.

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The height measurement was a little exaggerated

To the point of making USA CFO the table uncomfortable. It’s no use being accessible and not being comfortable. I myself would use another type of table. If it was available at that time. The height of this table could be lower. Still being accessible and serving most people. As i said before. There are people of different sizes. So a table that isn’t that tall might not offer approximation for a person of above average height. But this would be an exception. And for these cases. Provide shims. Which employees could quickly place at the base of the feet. Raising their height. This would give flexibility for accessibility. Which would not be possible for an exaggerated table as it would not be able to lower its height. For some people. Equipment that draws people’s attention a lot.

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