Opening sachets with one hand. The concept of single-lever accessibility.







Opening sachets with one hand. The concept of single-lever accessibility.

Opening sachets with one hand . I. Ricardo shimosakai. Had seen a product on the internet and found it very interesting. Mainly because i could see an application for accessibility. It’s called easysnap . Which if i were to do a translation. It would be easy to open. And this name is almost a description. Because the proposal is the same. To be able to open, the package in a very easy way. I could use a very applied nickname for accessibility. Which is the single command. This means that you can do an action. In a single, movement. Such as, taps or lever handles . Likewise. The elaborate package can be, used in this way. It applies very well to those sachets. With small amounts of products.

And the conventional ones are terrible to open

Some end up causing a mess. When Conduit CN Number List we apply force. Or try to open it with our mouth. And then it suddenly opens and spreads everything. Dirtying you and the place. I’ve already given up, using the conventional sachets because i can’t open them. And even when it’s possible to open them. It’s difficult to open them easily. This ends up tiring when we want to put more products. Because just, one ends up being insufficient. You’ve probably, been through this with mustards and soy sauces for japanese food. These small packages are manufactured in different sizes. For different quantities and types of product. There are several products. Which placed in a package like this.

Conduit CN Number List

Would make our daily lives easier

Food sauces. Beauty creams. Health remedies. Energy drinks for athletes . Sex lubricants. Among many USA CFO others. Production costs are lower compared to thermoformed bottles. Vials, or unit dose packages. It does not disperse any waste and is more easily recyclable. The brand still has two variations to meet some specific needs. The easysnap drop has a small ear. To help direct the internal product. And thus place it, accurately in a difficult place. Such as inside a bottle with a small opening. Easysnap bidose has two, compartments in one package. For when you need two products combined. But that must be stored separately. Such as medicines.

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