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This mini-pandemic was fueled by lower rates, and a hunt for more public space. Take for example, someone who a year ago could afford to pay $1,800 a month. At that time they could have borrowed $420,000. Today the payment is enough for a loan of $280,000: 33% less. This makes it harder for new buyers to afford a home, reducing demand. And can strain the finances of existing owners who, if unlucky, may be forced to sell properties. The good news is that the decline in housing prices. Will not cause an epic financial crisis in America like it did 15 years ago.

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The country has not New Zealand Phone Number List received many loans that could worsen the situation and has capitalized banks.But the biggest losers will be the taxpayers. Through state insurance schemes they bear the risk of default. As rates rise, they are exposed to losses through the Federal Reserve, which owns a quarter of mortgage-backed securities. Read also: Real estate, with prices beyond reasonIn some other countries, such as South Korea and the Nordic countries, borrowing has increased, with household debt now around 100% of GDP.

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They may face USA CFO huge losses in their banks or shadow financial firms: the head of Sweden’s central bank has compared this to “sitting on top of a volcano”, reports abcneës.al.But the biggest financial crisis will be confined to China, whose problems, such as strikes, or people who have paid down payments on their homes, have not yet built. US home sales fell 20% in August year over year.In Canada, sales volumes could fall by 40% this year. When people can’t move, it reduces the dynamism of labor markets, a major concern as companies try to adapt to labor shortages and the energy crisis. And when prices fall, homeowners may find their homes are worth less than their mortgages.

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