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A couple of years ago, HubSpot Research found that 82% of salespeople and marketers lost up to an hour per day managing siloe tools — a costly mistake. Today, employees recognize that integrating technologies to do their jobs isn’t an option but a requirement. Individual employees are opting to connect their tools and, on average, leverage eight apps to do their job. Employees and businesses alike run on connecte applications. Okta found that it’s small-mid size customers (define as companies with less than 2,000 employees) average 73 apps — up from last year. While larger customers (companies with over 2,000 employees) leverage closer to 130 apps — up 68% from the past year.

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From personal life to work, platforms have become a staple in our day-to-day. These platforms are well-oile machines that initiate seamless connections between technologies. Today, the consumer not only anticipates but also expects their El-Salvador Phone Number List systems  to connect — raising the bar for companies to make it possible. But more tools shouldn’t mean more friction. At HubSpot, we want to help our customers connect their tools on our platform to reuce friction and grow better. Customers should have tools and solutions to solve their nees, regardless of if HubSpot built them. Connecting tools allows for uniform data, processes, and experiences.

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This year we’re experimenting with ways to expose integrations to our customers to increase adoption. However, as a platform scales, it becomes increasingly tricky for customers to navigate exhaustive lists of integrations and identify what’s relevant USA CFO to them. We recognize this at HubSpot and began experimenting with paid ads to see if this could be a valuable distribution channel to our customers. Our Experiment on Paid Integration Ads At the end of Q4, the Platform Marketing team decide to use some leftover budget to try a channel we hadn’t yet proven viable for integration adoption — paid ads. We hypothesize that we could influence the adoption of an integration through paid ads. To test our hypothesis, we ran a retargeting campaign for three integrations on Facebook.

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