Obviously This Has to Be Done by Real People With Real







Obviously This Has to Be Done by Real People With Real

The great thing is that as a provider of the location you can also improve the service at the location basd on the feedback you receive. So always respond to reviews. For example, the municipality of Roermond ensure that the P+R parking garages were found and usd more efficiently. This was partly because information about parking at their location became available and it became easier to find.

Increase findability because a POI is well filld.

The Google Maps Mindfuck: Conscious and Subconscious Influencing

From a marketing point of view, the possibilities. Just as a well-filld (read: relevant and reliable) profile increases your findability with Google My Business, it also works with a location. Make sure that the opening times. Are known (even if a park is always open), that a website is available, a telephone number Chief VP Operations Email Lists and there are questions and answers. It is important that photos are addd and that reviews are filld. Obviously this has to be done by real people with real experiences. of Google Maps are even greater. By having walking routes consciously run along certain places, you can lead crowds, influence people with certain ideas or actually entice them to be able to sell extra.

Chief and VP of Operations Email Lists

The city walk

As a municipality, for example, you may like it if people in the. City center walk along a certain route. From a practical point of view, to direct the flow of people or simply because you. Are proud of certain (historical) places. This is comparable to ‘the undesirable route’ from #1.

The ‘walk past the lollipop’

Conversely, as a commercial company, for example as. Catering entrepreneur. You may wish that people walk past your business during a touristic walking route. That can mean a boost to your sales. The municipality of Roermond preventd a company from getting away with a city walk and now offers a city walk through the city center itself.

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