Netflix invests in diversity. Investment of million is announced by the company.







Netflix invests in diversity. Investment of million is announced by the company.

Netflix is a company that gradually realizes the importance of diversity and accessibility. In the content it offers and also within the company itself. Attitudes that bring a very large financial and image return. And that is why netflix invests in diversity an amount of us$100 million was announc. Call the fund for creative equity . To be applied to the platform’s contents relat to diversity. For the next 5 years. This fund will also be us to identify and train talent around the world. Within the diversity profile. Which includes issues of race. People with disabilities and the lgbtqi+ segment. Among others. To have assertive parameters. Netflix commission the usc annenberg inclusion initiative .

It is worth mentioning that the contents

To analyze the thousands of Macedonia Phone Number List films and series shown between 2018 and 2019 under the context of diversity and inclusion. Check out below some movies and series shown by netflix addressing the theme of diversity and inclusion: the autistic universe on netflix. Atypical shows the life of a young autistic in a series. Ride ride rodeo – amberley’s turn. Wheelchair users find strength in their passion for horses. Crip camp: the revolution for inclusion that started in a summer camp miracle in cell 7. The drama of a man with an intellectual disability to prove his innocence. Paul rudd becomes a wheelchair caregiver in netflix movie trailer at first. Netflix was just a platform to show third-party videos. But the company has grown into a global giant. Sweeping away the old movie locations that were made on vcr tapes and later on dvd discs.

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Even the big television companies were losing ground

Along with cable tv operators. We can say that currently. Its biggest competitor is youtube. And both have USA CFO grown even more after the covid-19 pandemic. The growth opened up opportunities for the company to start producing its own and exclusive content. Even being compared to the big movie studios in hollywood. With the difference that netflix is spread all over the world. In this way. The contents that were previously restricted can now be chosen. Having control over choosing the theme and the cast of the productions. And thus working more freely on themes about diversity. The study found that lgbtqi+ characters were rare: just 4% of leads in movies and 1% in tv series.

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