National assistive technology plan is regulated through decree.







National assistive technology plan is regulated through decree.

President jair bolsonaro today signed the decree that outlines the guidelines. Objectives and axes of the national assistive technology plan. Aimed at people with disabilities. The document. Which should be published in the next edition of the official gazette. Is the result of a joint effort between the ministries of science. Technology and innovation and of women. Family and human rights. “this is a very important decree. Which will allow. At the national level. Policies for the development of technologies for people with disabilities. Aiming at reducing the price of these equipment. Giving more access to mobility. Better quality of life for so many people who we have in the country”. Said the minister of science. Technology and innovation. Marcos pontes. In a video published on social networks.

The main guidelines of the plan are the elimination

Also on the recording are Lebanon Phone Number List president bolsonaro and first lady michelle bolsonaro. Who is an advocate for the causes of people with disabilities. Assistive technologies include all products. Equipment. Devices. Resources. Methodologies. Strategies. Practices and services that promote the functional skills of people with disabilities or reduced mobility. The objective is to give autonomy. Independence. Quality of life and social inclusion to this public. The decree regulates article 75 of the statute of persons with disabilities . Of 2015. Which provides for the development of a specific plan of measures to facilitate access to specialized credit for the acquisition of assistive technology.

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Based on the convention on the rights of

The plan must be renewed USA CFO every four years. “the explanatory memorandum [of the decree] highlights that assistive technology is a matter of great relevance for the segment of people with disabilities and depends on articulated actions between the ministries. The innovation. Research & development system. The productive sector and representatives of civil society”. Informed the general secretariat of the presidency. In a note. According to the ministry. The plan has the potential to benefit around 46 million people. According to the 2010 demographic census by the brazilian institute of geography and statistics (ibge). The standard defines the limits of action of the interministerial committee on assistive technology .

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