Motorized chair accessories. Extra comfort and practicality.







Motorized chair accessories. Extra comfort and practicality.

Motorized chair accessories. Equipment with a high level of quality usually offers users several complementary accessories to make the experience even better. This is the case with the apple iphone. Harley-davidson motorcycles and gopro sports digital cameras. Thinking about the better quality of life for a user of the divinità motorized chair. Green innovation has also created a series of accessories. Thinking about the practicality and safety of its customers. There are several items that help to adjust the posture of the user in the motorized chair . So they are replaced to achieve a good fit. Such as pillows. Head. Trunk and legs support. But i want to show the equipment.

Bringing extra comfort and practicality

Cup holder the cup holder is very Croatia Phone Number List useful in bars. Restaurants and events. Where you need to use your hands and have nowhere to leave the cup. There. The glass is safe and within reach. Even if the motorized chair already allows you to move around at the same time you hold the glass. Installed in any part of the divinità’s tubular structure. Which is more comfortable to use. Basket for objects the basket made of iron grating. Serves to carry objects in greater volume or quantity. Such as shopping at the supermarket. It helps not to damage fragile objects. Which they would not be able to put in a backpack. Such as a cake. It fits easily into the lower back of the divinità.

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On difficult floors to move around

Umbrella support the umbrella support is a rod that has fastening systems at the ends. One end is on the divinità’s tubular USA CFO structure. And the other on the umbrella’s handle. This way you can drive the power chair without also having to pay attention to the umbrella . It can also be used to make files and photos with a selfie stick. Third party drive kit the third-party steering kit adapts the joystick to a base with a magnet fitting. Allowing an easy removal of the arm base to the back of the divinità. Where another fitting support is fixed. Also using an extension cable. Object bag the bag has two compartments. A larger main one. And a front one for smaller items. It can be placed on the sides of the arms.

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