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How the HubSpot Blog Generates Trend-Responsive Blog Post Ideas “Blog topics that relate to trends, research, or thought leadership yield bursts in non-organic traffic that can help you gain visitors while you’re waiting for SEO-driven posts to rank,” says Pam Bump, the HubSpot Blog’s Audience Growth Manager. “Because they often include data, quotes, or other exclusive information, these posts can also earn backlinks, which indirectly boost your search authority.” “On top of the potential referral benefits, non-organic content also enables your blog content to be more trend-responsive. By giving your insights on the latest news, trends, and research in your industry, you position your blog as a source for thought leadership.” Bump says. “Rather than being a blog people just.

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Find when doing Google searches, you increase the chances of audiences following you, subscribing to you, or visiting your website to look for the latest industry information,” Bump adds. However, while non-organic content provides many Guatemala Phone Number List solid growth opportunties, finding trendy or research-driven post topics for a specific audience isn’t always straightforward. In fact, it often requires hours of brainstorming. That’s why Bump leads the charge with our team’s brainstorming efforts while also managing the blog’s overall non-organic content strategy.

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Each quarter she comes up with anywhere from 70-100 non-organic blog topic ideas, assists in training new bloggers on idea generation, and coordinates a virtual brainstorm which asks team members to suggest a handful of blog topics. She says, “While our SEO team uses specialize tools to identify blog posts that will pull in organic traffic, I leverage a USA CFO number of trend research tactics to identify post ideas that will pull in non-organic traffic from sources like email, social meia, and referrals.” Below is the process she asks bloggers to use during our virtual idea brainstorms. 1. Focus on your blog categories. Before you get starte, it’s important to have some sort of road map in mind. Choose the most important clusters, or blog categories, that you want to focus on for the quarter and develop ideas around them.

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