Month Will Go Let’s See The Developments







Month Will Go Let’s See The Developments

Gerion Treska, program manager, continued by explaining the “rules of the game”, as he called them. The finalists would only have 3 minutes to present, before the jury quenched. Their curiosity by asking them even more questions about their business models. The following sat in the jury: Martin Mata, AADF Co-Executive Director Aleksandër Sarapuli.  Co-Executive Director of AADF Elvin Guri, Entrepreneur and Investor Dorin Ram. Executive Director of Crimson Finance Fund Albania Kushtrim Xhakli, Director of Connected Inventions Read.

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Lorenzo Cappanari, entrepreneur Mexico Phone Number List professor and author of books on the. AllWeb sceneParticipating startups were trained for 150 hours by 8 experts from different business aspects and 1 foreign expert. The ideas that reached the final are as follows: Arbis – a business in the field of clothing styling, which will offer personalized designs, presented by Arla Çarçiu. Crazy Creative House – a creative agency, focused on UUX design, to bring unique and user-friendly solutions for businesses, presented by Kristi Kumria. Dora Creative – a marketing agency, which works entirely with freelancers, presented by Oriana Çekrezi and Antonio Demiri.

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LikSad e-bikes – an electric USA CFO bike rental business and city guides, presented by Sadi Lika. Performo – a platform that brings together sports coaches with professional athletes and areas where they can perform training, presented by Fjona Huta. Switch Technologies – a programming academy currently based in the city of Elbasan, presented by Kleo Zane and Klised Rungo. The winners of the final night were announced: Dora Creative, LikSad e-bikes, and Switch Technologies, each receiving a €10,000 prize. STARTUP Updated on: 13/09/2022 589 admin XOEN ~2 minutes of reading XOEN is the new company, with Albanian founders, that is working with the design and production of high precision products such as: parts for automation of processes, parts for robots, parts projects for tractors in agriculture.

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