Mobility and accessibility in pontevedra. The city that banned cars from downtown.







Mobility and accessibility in pontevedra. The city that banned cars from downtown.

Have you ever thought about moving freely on foot or by bicycle in a city whose center is not dominated by cars? Instead. You are faced with wide sidewalks and another way to access urban space. With less pollution. More safety. Fewer accidents and more accessibility. The inhabitants of pontevedra. In spain. Guarantee that this reality is not impossible. Since the city in the northwest has had these characteristics for about 20 years. Despite the beautiful coastal landscape (with the mouth of the lérez river that meets the atlantic ocean in a breathtaking sunset) and the great reputation as a host. The reason why the place became known throughout the world was another.

Thanks to its urban planning structure

Pontevedra is a case of Kuwait Phone Number List absolute success in choosing people as a priority on the streets instead of cars. Accessibility open streets for pedestrians are an invitation for people with reduced mobility to experience the city. Another important factor is universal accessibility : by changing the centrality of the vehicle model to that of citizens. Conditions are guaranteed for people with reduced mobility to be able to circulate more easily. This was one of the central aspects addressed at the mobility summit 2020 . Which featured several experts in the area: few brazilian cities offer facilities for these pedestrians to transit and access cities in the best way. In addition to the configuration of each street or square.

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The drop in the number of traffic deaths

Public lighting is of great USA CFO importance and is designed especially for elderly people or people with any type of visual impairment. Public lighting has been reinforced throughout the city. Both in strictly pedestrian spaces and in mixed-use spaces. At some points. The intensity of the light points increased in the crosswalks. Earnings today. 70% of all trips in the city are made through active mobility: on foot or by bicycle. Who won from this? The health of the population. The ears (free of horns and engines) and the environment. Since the co2 emission also dropped drastically. In this regard. The mayor of the city. Miguel . Declared that whoever buys a car is buying a piece of public space. Another impact in this design refers to the reduction of accidents and. Consequently.

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