To Update To The Business Plan Messaging Software







To Update To The Business Plan Messaging Software

Start a room menu options on Clubhouse As the room launches, you’ll instantly be assigne as a moderator. You’ll retain these moderator privileges even if you leave the room and come back later. Scheuling a Room When you tap the calendar icon to scheule a room, you’ll see a page that allows you to determine an event name, co-hosts or moderators, an initial guest list, a date, and full description. When you press publish, the event will show up in the Upcoming tab. When the time comes, you or your moderators will simply enter the room to start it. Scheule room form 2. Introduce yourself and your moderators to your audience. When your room begins, your icon will show up.

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At the top of the screen and you won’t be on mute. At this point, you should start introducing yourself, your moderators (if you have any), and other speakers. At this time, you might also want to highlight what the room aims to discuss and any Greece Phone Number ground rules of the room. For example, if you’d only like people to raise their hands with questions, letting the audience know of that could be a ground-rule. 3. Look for hand raises — or requests to speak. If your conversation is engaging, people in the audience might raise their hands to request to speak. When this happens, you’ll get a notification and the option to assign them to speaker mode. Notification that friend has requeste to.

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Speak on Clubhouse 4. Bring attendees to the stage as speakers. Even if someone doesn’t raise their hand, you can still invite them to speak. To do this, just tap their icon. You’ll then see options to “Make a moderator,” “Make a speaker,” or “Move USA CFO to audience,” which will unmute them if they’re already speaking. If you make the person a speaker, they’ll just be able to speak until you move them back to the audience. However, if you make them a moderator, they gain co-hosting privileges and can also allow speakers and hand raises. moving a friend to the speaker stage on Clubhouse 5. Own the conversation.

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