Leg band for wheelchair users. Safety and comfort in a simple accessory.







Leg band for wheelchair users. Safety and comfort in a simple accessory.

Leg band for wheelchair users. The wheelchair is essential equipment for many people who cannot walk. Such as people with spinal cord injury. Cerebral palsy. Polio. The elderly. Among many others. But there are complementary accessories. Which can be very important. And which. Depending on the physical condition. Offer comfort and safety. Essential items for a frequent or permanent wheelchair user. The leg strap. Also known as the calf strap. Is not part of the wheelchair’s structure. As it is not an essential item for the equipment to function. But it can be essential for the user. Therefore. It is not installed in the wheelchair. It is purchased separately. The main function is that it does not let the wheelchair user’s leg escape from the footrest and go backwards.

Which can cause injuries and accidents due

It is a simple accessory. Usually New Zealand Phone Number List made with a band of synthetic material such as nylon. With an approximate width of 5 centimeters. An approximate length of 80 centimeters and velcro on both ends. It is attached to the two tubes that support the footrest and front wheels. At calf height. Or just below the calf. In this way. The band creates a kind of fence. Which prevents the leg from going backwards. Reapta manufactures the calf strap . With an additional thin foam. To give even more comfort. For me. This is an essential and permanent accessory. Because without it. My leg will surely slip backwards. And this has already caused me injuries and accidents. At the beginning of the injury.

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Unlike quality equipment that lasts several years

When i was still inexperienced. I was once touching my chair and didn’t notice that one of my feet had come off the USA CFO support and was dragging on the floor. Thankfully. The injury was light. But we don’t want to get hurt in any way. However slight. The wheelchair is. Depending on the person. A very important piece of equipment. And that’s why i always chose the best options. And the best accessories. After all i use it every day. And without it i wouldn’t be able to do most of the things i can. So the money invested. To have comfort. Safety and aesthetically beautiful. It’s so worth it. A quality and well-equipped wheelchair reflects on your performance and quality of life. And depending. It’s not even worth saving. Because cheaper equipment is usually more fragile and lasts less.

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