UX vs. UI Design: Learn The Difference







UX vs. UI Design: Learn The Difference

Nevertheless, the two terms cannot be used interchangeably especially since one encompasses the other . Namely user interface design A Complete List of Unit Phone Numbers (UI) is a part of user experience design (UX) . And both are equally important when it comes to product design . So to create marketable and easy to use products one must work on UX as well as UI .

Now let’s dive a bit deeper

Into the muddy waters of user experience and user interface design . BugHerdAn campaign Dan 2022What is UX Design Anyway ? User experience design (UX) is a complex multidimensional concept that incorporates a host of disciplines . These include human computer interaction usability visual design information architecture and interaction design .

According to the Oxford journal

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“Interacting With Computers ”UX design in business is all about improving customer loyalty and satisfaction through the ease of use utility and pleasure of interacting with a certain product . Basically UX design is all about the process of creating easy-to-use and useful products users will love interacting with . By enhancing the user experience of your products  users will be able to find value in what you have to offer .

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