Launch with a touch of inclusion. Marr eventos shows its strength to the market.







Launch with a touch of inclusion. Marr eventos shows its strength to the market.

The businesswoman and public relations maria ramos. With extensive knowledge and expertise from more than 20 years of experience in corporate events. Chose the slogan “live the best, experience” to summarize the essence of her company – marr eventos . Maria believes that a well-planned event. Thought through to the smallest details. Delights the public that creates a connection with the brand or company that promotes the, event. Maria was a student of ricardo shimosakai in the mba in luxury events and ceremonies management at faculdade roberto miranda . Shimosakai showed, several accessibility and inclusion issues in class events . In addition to his trajectory of achievements. Maria liked it a lot.

So she decided to invite the professor to

The official launch of marr eventos Anhui Phone Number List was at spaces berrini – spaces by fabiana scaranzi. Karina pachiega. An experienced reporter with stints on major broadcasters such as globo and sbt . Was the master of ceremonies. See below for detailed profiles of, each speaker maria ramos will tell how her childhood experiences were fundamental in the conception of her company. Ricardo shimosakai was shot, during a robbery and had to be in a wheelchair at the age of 33. For many. The episode could be seen as a tragedy. But for him it was the beginning of a story, of many challenges and victories. Today. Ricardo is a world reference in accessibility, and inclusion. Consultant specialized in accessibility and inclusion. International speaker. Teacher and instructor for courses and training.

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In addition to carrying out projects of great importance in the area

Clarissa galano lived a complicated USA CFO phase in adolescence. She suffered from bulimia and anorexia that nearly, took her life and left her scars. But clarissa decided to turn that pain into something positive. She currently gives lectures to raise awareness of the severity of eating, disorders and helps young people who have gone through the same problem as her. Marina elaine is a lawyer and occupied the health department of sorocaba. During that ,period. She innovated by proposing to employees that they put on a dance show during ,the end-of-year get-together. The party was a watershed in the lives of employees.

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