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And even if you deny it, you have sometimes adapted or declined your 4*3 poster campaign on Google and Facebook. But do you know all the different types of online advertising available to you? In this article, we suggest you take a tour of the most relevant solutions today. ThroughGoogle To begin, let’s introduce Google Ads , Google ‘s advertising platform . This allows you to create several types of campaign: Search networks by showing ads when people search for your products or services, Display to capture attention with visual ads. These are the ones we will develop, Shopping: ideal for e-commerce sites to highlight their products with the prices displayed and the opportunity to remarket following abandoned baskets. Video tracing for example the history of your company or the process you use.

Advertisement Is Not Necessarily

A fantastic tool to increase your brand awareness. Applications, as you can imagine, this type of campaign will help you promote your application to the right audience. Once these campaigns have been created, don’t forget to clearly define your objectives in the ad groups Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number which will allow Google Ads to display your ads at the right time and to the right audience (according to their socio-demographic characteristics and his appetite). A) Purchasing keywords/sponsored links through the search network The purchase of keywords under AdWords, corresponds to the various advertisements which appear during a Google search . You know, those famous links that appear at the top of the results page sometimes on the right or even at the bottom of your first search page.

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These commercial links are generally identifiable by a characteristic “Advertisement” note: google ad ad type Are you a travel agency in Reunion offering stays in the Seychelles? Imagine that for each Internet user typing ” reunion travel agency seychelles a link appears and USA CFO points directly to your booking page in order to convert this Internet user into a prospect . It remains “tactical” but it is rather useful, isn’t it? Note: for each search including a specific keyword, an auction will automatically be between all the advertisers for this specific keyword, and the best will win (depending on the maximum price by the advertiser and their score of quality by Google , this is the basis of RTB Real Time Bidding , in other words real-time bidding.

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