Involuntary spasms or contractions. Know what it is. And how to treat this reaction.







Involuntary spasms or contractions. Know what it is. And how to treat this reaction.

Involuntary spasms or contractions. Muscle spasm is an involuntary contraction that happens suddenly in a muscle or muscle group. Which can cause pain or stiffness in the affected muscle. It can last a few seconds or even several minutes. But this period can be very disruptive to a person with a disability. Causing imbalance. The popular cramp is a good example. As it is an involuntary contraction that pulls the muscle. Forcing a person who is walking to stop until the effect wears off. They usually occur due to muscle fatigue or injury. But they can be caused by health problems such as lack of minerals. Diabetes and hypothyroidism. For example. People with a spinal cord injury usually have spasms. More or less frequently. In the paralyzed limbs. I have spasm in both legs.

Throwing it over the accelerator

Some remedies such as miosan and Poland Phone Number List cyclobenzaprine are used to combat spasms. Acting as a muscle relaxant. At the beginning of my injury. I even tried one of the drugs. But the effect was small. So i decided to stop taking it. But as always advised. Do not take medication on your own. Only under medical advice. I was guided by the physiatrist of the aacd (association for assistance to disabled children) . Another treatment option offered was the application of botulinum toxin. Better known as botox. In the region of the muscles that suffered the most involuntary contraction. This time. The result even looked a little better than the pills. But even then it wasn’t significant. And it would be a treatment. Having to come back every 3 months to make a new application. For the cost. Work and result.

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I gave up the treatment again

Until one time. I heard from a health professional. That the spasm was not exactly something that was bad for health. It USA CFO was more of a nuisance. But it was even a good sign. As it showed that my leg was “alive”. After that. I gave up trying to seek any kind of treatment. And tried to get used to this movement of my body. Sometimes the spasm can go beyond being a nuisance. When i’m sitting in a wheelchair . For example. And my leg starts to shake and with that it comes off the footrest. And that can cause imbalance. Or if you’re in motion. It can hurt dragging your foot on the ground. I once got into trouble as i was driving and a strong involuntary contraction stretched my leg.

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