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Increased Demand For Credit Was Evident

Differentiating factors that will help the Albanian public and private. Sector to have access to the successfully implemented projects of the Group. Your group is already a leading player in the electronic communications markets in Albania and Montenegro. Do you see any prospects in the near future for investments in other countries of the Western Balkan region. The good news is that we will make Albania the main center of 4iG International. This decision of the 4iG investors speaks for itself about the strategic importance of Albania in the region.

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Yes there are expansion Belize Phone Number List plans in the Western Balkans. We want to create a group with a unified organizational and management structure, which will be able to operate under a single name in the Hungarian and international markets. The 4iG international center in Tirana will be a center of excellence for most innovative solutions, for building synergy in the region in the field of telecommunications and information technology. And we are very happy to have chosen Albania as our center in the region.

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Interview for “Monitor USA CFO magazine INTERVIEW Updated on May Latifi ~5 minutes of reading Life is a journey in which we decide to stop at points where there are successes for us. Albanian youth have always demanded more from themselves. One of them is Marsida Bandilli. She represents the model of Albanian students who are between Albania and their studies to be more fulfilled. Being at the end of her post-graduate doctorate studies, she talks about her life between Albania and Brussels. Everything started here, as a lecturer at the Faculty of Social Sciences, she is very busy with the active life of students and the activities initiated by her. Marsida has been awarded with European awards and has also.

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