Inclusive walking tour. Challenges and opportunities of a guided tour.







Inclusive walking tour. Challenges and opportunities of a guided tour.

Inclusive walking tour. There are different ways of taking a sightseeing tour to discover the attractions of a destination. The simplest and cheapest of them is the one where you visit the places on foot. Preferably led by a tour guide. As they know the route well. In addition to knowing the history and curiosities throughout the itinerary. I leave my criticism at the beginning. Because the tourist guides need to go through a course. To learn how to work with this type of service. And earn their credential and become legal. But unfortunately. No course in brazil teaches how to adequately serve people with disabilities and other diversities. I don’t exactly blame the tourism guides themselves.

But the government for putting a regulation on this

And the schools for incorporating Bahamas Phone Number List this as part of the course. As it is not necessarily having legislation to have this type of initiative. The rare guides who know how to do an inclusive guide. Went to train themselves. Or with the help of people and institutions that do not specifically care for the training of tourism guides . I have already given some private training. For example for a training initiative for these professionals carried out by spturis. And in a project in the city of bonitoms where i visited several attractions accompanied by local guides. One of my projects is to create an itinerant workshop. Focused on inclusive care.

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Where there is space for cars to pass

Passing through brazilian cities. And also an online course on the same subject. If you are interested in participating. Please USA CFO leave a comment below. Now. Thinking about the tourist tour itself. One of the main obstacles for people with disabilities and reduced mobility is the path itself. Along the sidewalks. Streets and crossings. Accessibility in these places has a great impact. As it is not only a tourist route. But also the path of pedestrians who pass daily to go to school. Work or even perform everyday tasks. Such as going to the supermarket and pharmacy. The sidewalks usually do not have uniformity. As residents and businesses end up taking over this space. And carrying out interventions.

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