Inaccessible dumps in the park. Unable to maintain cleanliness.







Inaccessible dumps in the park. Unable to maintain cleanliness.

Inaccessible dumps in the park. Dumpsters are a very common urban equipment in brazil. So you have somewhere to discard useless objects and not throw them on the floor. Unfortunately. Even with a lot of equipment available. We still have a lot of disrespect for people who soil the city’s floors. And with that. Urban cleaning troops are needed daily. In more civilized countries like japan . There are few urban garbage dumps. And people keep the garbage with them in a bag. And then dispose of it in their homes. Separating it for recycling. In . One of the largest and most frequented in the city. There are hundreds of garbage cans scattered throughout the park. Most of them are located on a piece of grass or land. Delimited by guides. Similar to those found on sidewalks.

They are a few meters away from this guide

So it is necessary to enter the grassy area to throw the garbage. The big problem is that there is practically no access through ramps . To get close to the dumps. This is an exaggerated example of what we call manual reach. Where Dominican Republic Phone Number List equipment and accessories such as doorknobs. Doorbells. Soap dishes or trash cans. Among many others. Need to be easily reached to be used. In this principle. I always point out an issue. Which not even in the standards is well addressed. Which is the manual reach for people with short stature . Think that a trash can like the one shown in the photo and video. In terms of height. Is not so bad for a person in a wheelchair with my stature. But there are shorter people who can’t reach. Who are in a wheelchair.

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Glass bones or even children

First i consider it a design error to USA CFO place the trash so far away from the guide. A good solution is to have access by ramps to the grassy areas. As this adaptation would facilitate access to other places besides the dumps. There are some accesses. But they are few and far away. So the park needs to be better planned for accessibility. The park should redesign its trash cans. Placing them in more accessible places. Within reach of everyone. Which is the concept that a public space should have. The ibirapuera park is in the crosshairs of privatization proposals. So if that happens. It should demand that the responsible company carry out a reform aimed at accessibility. Calling competent professionals and citizens alike.

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