In the last lecture, we clearly described the behavior patterns and ways of getting along with people







In the last lecture, we clearly described the behavior patterns and ways of getting along with people

In the Last Lecture, We Clearly Described the Behavior Patterns and Ways of Getting Along With People Who Take “Hearing as the Sensory Priority” in Emotional Relationships. I Don’t Know, Have You All Learned? Today, Let’s Talk About What Kind of Behavioral Patterns Will People Who Take “feeling as Sensory Priority” in Emotional Relationships, and How Do We Get Along With Them? Next, Let’s Get to the Main Topic. Like My Previous Work, There is Also a Link to Observe the Movement of the Eyeballs. Please See the Picture Below: Screenshot_2020-07-08_pm 6_35_42 Photo Credit: Yan Ting We Need to Ask Some Key Questions About the Relationship Between the Other Party and the Lover, Such as:

Imagine if You Had a

Boyfriend/girlfriend Nigeria phone number Now, How Would You Get Along With Him/her? So What’s Your Favorite Date? So What Did You Do Before Dating Ooo? So How Did You Arrange Your Date With Ooo Before?
Not Limited to These Three Questions. But the Key Sentence Must Revolve Around the. Main Axis of “Getting Along With Your Lover”. Ooo is the Name of the Object’s “Ex”. Or It Can Be Replaced by “Your Ex-boyfriend” or “Your. Ex-girlfriend” Next, in the “Interval” Where. We “Ask Questions” Until the Other Party “Answers Meaningful .words” is Our “Observation of the Other Party’s Eye Movement Time”. As I Mentioned Before, if You Glance Down, One Side is the. “Inner Dialogue Area” and the Other Side is the “Sensory Area”.  I Will First Call Them the “Sensory Area”.

Nigeria phone number

If the Other Party’s Eyeballs

Enter the Sensory Area, It Means That the Other Party Subconsciously Takes “Feeling as the Sensory Superiority” to Get Along With the Lover. How Do We Get Along With Such a Lover? Let Me List Some Keywords for Your Reference: Powered by Gliastudio Sense of Ritual, Activities With His/her Family I Don’t Know if You Have Seen a Family Tour With a Lot of People Traveling Together When You Are in the Scenic Area. When the Group Members Take Group Photos, They Will Also Pull Up a Special Cloth to Announce to the World That They Are “x’s & O’s Family Travel”. , at the Moment When the Shutter is Pressed, Do You Have to Compare the Family’s Exclusive Gestures at the Same Time?

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