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Additionally we kept an eye out for an increasing cost per acquisition. Paid ads for these integrations was attractive to our retargetable audience and a legitimate acquisition point for HubSpot. It helpe us influence adoption of integrations — resulting in hundres of installs in the feature technologies. It also provide us with a data point we’ve been curious to see — the cost of an install. When considering the value and acquisition cost of an install, it’s helpful to understand the impact on the business. At HubSpot, our customers with integrate stacks of technologies tend to be more successful — and they stick around. This makes sense — as the more apps installe, the higher the likelihood someone will stick around.

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This is a common finding among platform companies. On a recent trip to San Francisco HubSpot’s VP of Platform Ecosystem Scott Brinker found that “a common pattern on platforms is that the more apps a customer integrates into their Finland Phone Number List system, the higher their retention rate will be — for both the platform and the apps integrate into it.” Connecting their tools allows customers to access all their data in one core system while staying flexible and adaptable to their nees as they grow. Since HubSpot doesn’t currently charge integrators to be part of our ecosystem, spending money to drive a net new install may seem counterintuitive. When weighing the long-term benefits.

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An install for customer value and retention, we are able to determine what is a reasonable cost per install. The experiment cost was worth the insight, as it allowe us to gain a baseline understanding of the cost per acquisition of an integration USA CFO install. Ultimately you can determine if the long-term value outweighs the upfront cost. (While directional value is a good baseline, you’d ideally look to lifetime value [LTV] to establish actual value.) What This Means for HubSpot — and For You Our experiment with paid ads outperforme our expectations and helpe us reach a larger audience than we anticipate. It became clear that this was and is a viable channel.

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