Important Challenges Fiscal Policy







Important Challenges Fiscal Policy

Science parks, universities, SMEs, etc. from all western countries. Balkan countries propose and develop innovative digital solutions in. Response to the challenges of our daily life.One of the most important regional competitions in. The field of Technology is taking place in Kosovo. Balkathon, RCC’s competition has gathered startups in the field of technology from all countries of the Balkan region. In one of her posts on social media. RCC leader Majlinda Bregu quotes Kierkeegard, referring to developments Each age will have its own Faust. The truth, according to her, is that we are all under a Faustian knot.

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The Internet has Tunisia Phone Number List changed our lives.In 2021, every 11 seconds consumers or businesses fell prey to cyberattacks, known as ransomwareIn 2031 this will happen every second. Our Instagram was also hacked last month. The fight against digital “enemies” is neither easy nor a joke.And yet we are living in the digital world more and more every day. We also have virtual friends, we make purchases online, birth and death certificates can also be found online.The value of the global digital transformation market was $608.72 billion in 2021 75% of the entire world’s population is online, in 2030 it will be 90%Information and communication technology (ICT) is today responsible for 5-9% of global energy use.

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I can continue USA CFO with endless numbers, but I am leaving those from the region for #Prishtina , Kosovo. Where 93% of young people use the Internet. More than in any other country in the region and where we will hold the final of Balkathon 3.0.From an idea born during the pandemic, 9 new digital products produced in the Western Balkans were added in the last 2 years to the existing ones, making Balkathon a RCC brand we are proud of.Where are we here. Trying to promote as many coordinated regional agendas in the digital field as possible.

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