There You Can Group Your Ideas Into







There You Can Group Your Ideas Into

Also choose a photo, username, and password. Alternatively, you can connect your Twitter to have the same username, photo, and profile information flow into the app. 2. Pick topics of interest and follow users. After giving some basic information during registration, you can also choose topics you’re most intereste in from a long list to help customize the content the app will suggest to you. Choosing topics of interest on Clubhouse Then, Clubhouse will ask you to access your contacts and use your topic preferences to suggest both people you might know and influencers you might be intereste in following.

For Structuring Your Content From

If you don’t want to select any topics or follow any people just yet, that’s okay. You can do all of these things later. 3. Set up your profile. If you didn’t link your Clubhouse account to Twitter to auto-generate a profile, you can set up your profile Malaysia Phone Number List by adding or changing your photo and writing a description that notes your hobbies, interests, companies you work for, or industry. While we aren’t quite sure if your profile description will optimize your page for the app’s search feature, it will be helpful for prospective followers to see when they decide whether or not to follow you. Lastly, you can complete your profile by linking Twitter and Instagram.

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Can Serve As A Great Foundation

Once you do this Twitter and Instagram icons linke to your profiles on those channels will appear under your description. Here’s a great profile example from Cassy Isabella, a prominent influencer, entrepreneur, and travel expert on USA CFO the platform Profile page on Clubhouse 4. Scroll through the homepage. Once you’re all set up, start exploring. The first place to check out is Clubhouse’s homepage. While there isn’t an icon for it, you can access it by clicking the back button in the upper left corner of any other page on the app. Clubhouse homepage 5. Use the Explore page to find other users, clubs, and rooms. Not intereste in what your homepage is showing you? Tap the magnifying glass icon to see Clubhouse’s Explore page.

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